July 19th, 2008

*___* OMG Childhood memorys X3

Who still knows this Anime:

Ochibi...maybe you remember...TM3 always brought this anime in the morning *__*
I guess...about ten episodes or so on one day and again and again *__*
I LOVED it. And now...finally I'll be able to watch it again after years
I'll be able to see all 39 Episodes *__*
Okay, unfortunately NOT the original japanese Version ._.
But the german one which still is good since it's NOT from RTL II <3~
OMG this shows me again how old I'm already Ôo
Quite shocking TT^TT
The good old times huh?
With Georgie, Lady Oscar, Super Trio *__*
Such touching animes, with very very deep storys. And they were shown in Germany. And now? There is only Pokemon, Dragon Ball and such crap ~.~ No wonder everybody thinks Animes are just for Kids or perverts >.>


To think that I grew up with them, loved them. And now? Those who are younger doesn't even KNOW about them. Quite sad I think.

Anyway...enough of my ranting XDD

Luv ya all