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18 September 2008 @ 07:40 pm
~*CONNICHI 2008*~  
My Connichi entry <3~

Well...at about 16 pm KnockKnock came to me. We watched a bit Kamen Rider Den-O, ate something, talked and had pre-Connichi fun XDDDD~~ We ewnt to bed very early because we had to get up at 4:45 ~.~'

Like I mentioned we got up at 4:45 o'clock. We made ourselves ready and drove to Bremen Mainstation. There we waited for Charmain who drove with us to Kassel. And there it was...the first PANIC!!! She just didn't came. When I looked at my cellphone I saw that she tried to call me 8!! times. Well...she forgot her Connichi-ticket at home and had to get back and get them. But hey...she still managed to be in time <3 So...LETS START at 7:18 o'clock!!! XDDDD We had fun in the train and everything went fine ^-^~ No delay or something ^-^~ The conductor was so nice <3 Okay...at 10:03 o'clock we reached Kassel and parted from Charmain ^-^ Knocky and I then drove via Tram to our Hotel, Etap. There we checked in, packed our small bags and went to Connichi <3 We arrived at the city hall at about...uhmm...13 o'clock or so if I remember right. Still an hour to go till the opening. We took some photos. Oh and we met Momi ^-^ And then two PoT cosplayer walked pass me. I just HAD to glomps them XD then I saw they were actually my Yuushi and Atobe <3 Okay Atobe scared me, because she looked so mean at me ;___; Anyway...we talked, took photos and had fun <3~ At 14 o'clock the doors opened and WE WENT IN!!!! CONNICHI...スタルト!!!! First thing: checking the salesrooms. Well...It wasn't that great to be hounest. At 15 o'clock I went to the autogrammhour of Kazusa-sensei, the Mangaka of Wild Rock. We had to wait 30 minutes till it startet. She was SO sweet *__* Here an Picture <3

After this, I went throug the big salesroom. AND I found Okane ga nai 7 <3 For 8,60€ *__* I HAD to buy it XDDDD

Then, at about 18 o'clock the grand Opening ceremony started. It was SO fun and Halko Momoi-san was so cute in an Dirndl *___* And the Studio Gainax Team was so fun *____* The best was the Caramel Dansen XDDDDDD

After that, the Cosplay Contest started. It was...well...okay o.o but hey NO NARUTO *___* I was SO happy XDDDD
The new Gainax Movie "Gurren Lagan" was shown too (Europe Premiere *__*) but without Subs ._.~ But still it was pretty cool. At 22:30 o'clock our first Connichi day ended and with two others we took an Taxi and drove back to our Hotel ^-^

Our Saturday startet at 5:45 o'clock XDDD We got up, showerd and went to eat breakfast which was pretty tasty ^^ At 8:08 o'clock we took the bus to drive to the city hall again. We had to wait till 10 o'clock. Then the doors opened <3~ Again my first stop was the salesroom XDDDDD At 11:30 o'clock Daijoubu performed an Zelda-Satire XDDDD We laughed like hell <3 Shortly after that the Groupcosplay contest started. Boring ~.~ just a few groups were good >.>' NEXT YEAR I'LL ROCK THIS!!!!

After that, Tsubomi had an concert which was fairly good ^-^ Knock and I went to the discussion-round with Kazusa-san. It was very very interesting. But at the end I was so damn agressive -.- We could play Jan Ken Pon about original Pictures. AND I always lost ;___; So mean ;______;

At 20 o'clock Halko Momoi had an concert *____* SO GREAT!!! All those lightsticks in all those different colours...so pretty. And this woman is so energetic o____O I was in the first row and she smiled and waved at me so often *______________* SO CUTE!!!!!! Of course I HAD to get an autogramm of her too <3 When I arrived at the room where she would give Autogramms, I met Snape *__* SO COOL!! We were the first ones in the row! I bought an CD to get it signed. And you know what? I GOT AN PICTURE WITH HER!!! THE ONLY ONE!!!!!! YATTA!!!!!!!!

Isn't she sweet *__* Please ignore the ugly thing at the right side >.>'' Anyway...again at abou 22:30 o'clock we drove back to the Hotel. End of day 2~

This day started at 7 o'clock because we ordered an Taxi since no bus was driving at sundays -.-'' We had breakfsat and at 9 o'clock our taxi came. At Sunday I made A LOT of pictures XDDDDD But the first thing to to was to watch the "Kingdom Hearts - Chains of Memorys" Musical of Tsuki no Senshi *___* WONDERFUL!!!! So great!!! The dancing was so professional. Okay normal after 10 years experience XDDDD

The time after the Musical I used again to take photos and had an little quarrel with knock because she HAD to tell me that she won one of Kazusa-senseis pictures ~.~ At 14 o'clock Halko Momoi gave another Concert which I just HAD to watch ^o^~ I really cried when she sang the last song in german. And she SAW it ;///; After the Concert the Ending ceremony took place and yeah...the Connichi was officially over


We had to wait till 21:45 o'clock for our train ._. But again everything went fine ^o^~ I was at home at abou 00:30 o'clock XD

Well...this was about everything o.o' Connichi was great AND I already booked my hotel for next year XDDDDDD So CONNICHI 2009 I COME <3

For everyone who wants to see my pictures:

Link to my Gallery~

Link to my Youtube-Video~

Okay...love ya all <3

your Omicchi
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omicchiomicchi on September 18th, 2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
It was just FANTASTIC!!!! The Cosplays where like...BANG!!! Unfortunately I don't have Pictures ._. *sigh* But on Youtube you can find Videos ^-^

Yeah!! I was so suprised when Momoi-san looked at me and said "Hey...I saw you from the stage!!". I was like "O____O" wow XDDD Her japanese Fans were cool too. So nice ^-^ They ewre the ones who brought the light-sticks and gave everybody a few.

AWwww...okay o.o I guess that's normal in an Studenthome. Akyo had the same problem. But I guess normal browsing will be okay <3
(Deleted comment)
omicchiomicchi on September 20th, 2008 06:16 am (UTC)
I found an really sweet video on youtube from momoi-sans Concert on sunday *__*
NYAAA wanna be there again ;__;

Yeah just take your time ^^
Please tell me what you think about them when you looked at them okay?

Yeah I know. don't know why I put am/pm there Ôo
But I correctet it. Thank you ^-^
But shouldn't it be 9:45 pm?